I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I want to build self sustaining schools (or earthship schools)

Here’s essentially what I want to build. This right here is the basic outlay of what I want to build. The full blueprint has a about 40 odd pages including plumbing, solar wiring and a design so there’s a garden in every room so kids can a) learn about gardening b) not go hungry when their parents can’t afford lunches/breakfasts/dinners.


Generate power: They say a good school should be the center of a great community. With both solar walls and solar roofs the school will be able to generate enough electricity to give back to the grid.

Feed the kids: Every class room will feature mass window boxes and walls lined with aquaponics. The halls will have skylights and gardens in the middle of the hall.

A two story library: The two story library will have a very high glass roof which will open in the middle. The library is to feature ramps circling the library for disabled students, staff and parents. This ramp will be wide and will provide an opportunity to provide more books. A tree with a spiraling stair case will be built for those who prefer to take the stairs.

Rain Barrels: Seeing as the school is to be self sustaining, rain barrels are a must. The water will be filtered using botanical plants and the grey water will go to feeding the plants. There will be a water heater so the pipes under the floorboards can warm the ground on cold days.

Gender neutral washrooms: Schools should promote gender equality.

Not in blueprint

Outdoor/Indoor Auditorium: The outdoor/indoor auditorium will be a four walled structure with a retractable roof.

Tis a work in progress


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